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As soon as I woke this morning

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Hi all Just felt I had to visit the site again today. As soon as I opened my eyes today I knew it was going to be another bad one. I'm really missing John crying in the shower but know I have to get ready and take our small dog out at least it gets me fresh air. Always hoping I don't meet anybody but today of all days it happened so ended up in tears outside. Now back home trying to pull myself together. Hugs to all. Hope you are having a better day than me. Xxx
sandy 49
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Yes, Jomag - some days are just like this, aren't they?  Never could work out why some days are better than others, but I call them 'grey cloud days' and have found that they do not last forever.  My best way through them - and I still get some now even at this distance - is to just accept this is the way today is.  Struggling against it did not seem to help me - I just learned to tell myself that it was only a day and that there would be some blue sky, and there was.   

But that is just one person's experience, and we are all so different.  Just wanted you to know that you are not alone, and sending you all the strength for today I can.

Big hugs, Mac Warrior. x