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Message for Little Jen

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Hi Jen

I hope i have got this correct that today is one year. I just wanted to say i am thinking of you. Not much use I know but thoughts and sympathies but there is  a bucket load of them for you


With love

Dana x

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I had no idea that this is the first year anniversary for you Jen... I am so sorry, also thinking of you.

Alan X

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Sending love to you Jen xxxx
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Love and hugs from me to you Jen

Di xxxx

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Hi Jen Big hug especially today. Sally x
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Thinking about you love and hugs Elizabeth x x

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Dear Jen  Just to add my thoughts and prayers for you,sorry it's so late but nevertheless keeping you close at heart.  with love and hugs  Monica xxxxxx

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Oh you lovely people. I feel very little and humble. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I am fine, thank you. It is ok. I may write something somewhere else, but your kind thoughts have reminded me how very fortunate I have been to have such support.

Jen X