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moving forward

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Hi Alan I am glad you were able to move on after your first wife passed, but sadly to have to go through it all again . People keep telling me your only. 55 and John has been gone two years in two days time,but I know I will never want any one else for me I had 34 years with a wonderful man and very lucky, and I can't explain but no one will ever replace John, and I know I have to make a life on my own, and hoping I won't go on until I am Hundred. Carole xx
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Carole, I feel like you do about still being married...... I complained at work today about a campaign they have about avoiding heart attacks - I told them I'd rather have a heart attack and go quite young than suffer from cancer, or live long into old age.... they were a little taken aback that I relish my high cholesterol !!! ( Don't let on I have given up cheese to try to lower it!)
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I did not go looking for another partner Carole, I did not expect to marry again, I too was 55 when I lost Florence... Eirwen and I just happened out of the blue, totally unexpected and a bit of a whirlwind, if either of us had spent too much time thinking about it, it may not have happened, and now I would not have missed that nine years for anything as it was a privilege to be her husband. Marrying Eirwen did not diminish my feelings for Florence, but did help me to cope far better with them...  but as you say I am now paying the price as grieving for both of them.. nothing for nothing in this life.........

Alan X