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Some days are so hard

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Its 12 week a 3 days since I lost my beautiful wife. Yesterday was my birthday and it was such a tough day. Hope tomorrows a better day xx

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Jay, birthdays are hard; all the 1sts, and the 2nds and presumably all the rest are hard; but some other days are not so hard, and some may even begin to have some lightness in them..... 12 weeks is shit - no longer total shock, reality setting in, and loneliness - I hope the sun shines tomorrow - it does help.... XX Penelope
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Wishing you a better tomorrow. X
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I bet it was a blur for you I know mine was it was roughly about the same timeline as yours should have been a big party but ended up being dragged out and a forced 2 hours with my girls because 50 is a special birthday ,, I got home and cryed for the next 3 hours tomorrow is another day hugs to you Niamh xx