As a family we have been fighting cancer for 6 yrs with my husband he is on palliative care and very ill at the moment. Our daughter fought cancer for the last 4 and a bit years she passed away 9 weeks ago. I miss her so much feel so sad . I do have a lot of family and friends but feel so alone. I find I want to hide away. People keep telling me to get some counselling . But I really need people who are or have gone through it to talk to. 

  • I am so sorry to hear of your daughter's passing and the ongoing situation with your husband. Life seems to be terribly unfair doesn't it.

    My daughter died nearly a year ago.  I understand you wanting to hide Away.  It's still really hard if I bump into someone I haven't seen for some time.  Inevitably talk gets round to family,  I start thinking, oh no, they'll ask how my daughter is?  Is she married? Where's she living etc? Then I have to tell them.  I wonder if there will ever come a time i can say the words without crying?  It's therefore easier to run and hide so I do understand.

    I think you'll find there is someone, maybe someone quite unexpected, that you find you can talk to and this will probably help.  I haven't tried counselling as I feel, awful though it is, it's something we have to go through. I guess time only will tell.

    I'm sorry you have the added burden of worrying about your husband on top of losing your beloved daughter.  You must feel overwhelmed.  Keep writing on here when you feel the need, hopefully it might bring you some small comfort knowing you're not the only one to face the worst, losing a child.  X x