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Bereaved family and friends

For anyone who has lost a family member or friend to cancer to share their feelings and support one another.

Lost without mum

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Not really sure why I’m here. I lost my wonderful mum two weeks ago. I cared for her at her house for her final two weeks of life. Holding her hand and comforting her. She waited for us (me, my dad and brothers) to all leave the room before she slipped away. I wish I could have held her hand until the end, so she was not alone. 

I lay in bed now, unable to sleep. Her funeral is tomorrow. I don’t feel ready to face up to that final goodbye. Not sure that even makes sense. But I just can’t seem to let her go. 

I’m heartbroken 

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My condolences on your loss. My mother has been gone for over a year and a half and I still haven't let her go and don't plan too. Her physical presence might not be here but her memories are still very much alive and I can still close my eyes and hear her voice at will. There is nothing wrong with not letting go of those.