Bereaved family and friends

For anyone who has lost a family member or friend to cancer to share their feelings and support one another.

Hope someone can understand....

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Hi, I’ve not posted on here in a long time since loosing my mum to pancreatic cancer but I found myself in a situation tonight that I just need to get off my chest as I’m feeling bad about it, basically on a bus home tonight a girl in a group of friends sitting behind me made an insensitive loud and ignorant joke about cancer victims that I had no choice but to hear and I lost my cool and stood up and told her she was an absolute idiot and that there was nothing at all funny about cancer or the brave people who battle it. She smirked and made a silly little comment back and her friend found it really funny which infuriated me even more. I should  have tried to ignore it but Was and still am very annoyed by it. I guess it will always be a very sore point and she really hit a nerve. 

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Sorry you had to hear such nonsense. She is a silly little girl trying to impress her mates and thinks she knows everything but knows nothing. Honestly, try to forget - one day she will learn the pain of helplessly losing someone she loves and she will be ashamed of what she said in the past. She deserves pity really for her ignorance.