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Feeling so alone and lost

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Hi everyone. 

Sorry I need to have a rant again, recently i've been feeling so alone, and I thought that I was slowly adjusting the new normal since my Grans passing, however recently I have found myself in this constant state of unease, lost and lonliness, which my amazing Gran would have advised me on. 

Lately I feel like I have lost interest in everything, I don't know if this is my depression too aswell as the feelings of grief still, however I just don't feel right. 

I know that everyone grieves differently, however I really need to get out of this rut, my Gran wouldn't want me wallowing in self pity, but it just feels like i am so alone, I got home last night and found myself crying and talking to the rabbits, ( I bet they thought stupid human and wheres our food ha ha). 

I think I just feel like currently I don't know where to belong, and the person who always made me feel welcome and always had a warm drink and potato smileys waiting for me, can no longer advise or help me. 

I just feel so lost. 

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