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My chemo buddy has died

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HI I am absolutely devastated, my friend who got remission from Breast Cancer is just amazing and despite all she went through herself she came to Chemo with me for my treatment, she got the OK, I got terminal, yet she's died and I have had good news from my scan, I am stable, yet I am so sad and feel like I can't be happy as she didn't get good results.  I miss her so much and my husband isn't that supportive with me getting upset (about anything) and I feel like I am not allowed to grieve.  I am friends with her 2 daughters and one in particular I chat to, but of course my grief is nothing compared to what they must be going to I feel just so desolate and sad and we had so many plans to do before she went, she went into hospital but she was going to come out again, not go .  (she had secondary brain)

How can I get through this her funeral is another weeks time I need to get a grip before then, but we did so much together even though I've only known her 2  years it's really affected me deeply and I keep crying, am I crying cos she's gone? of course I am but I also wonder if I am seeing myself like her, they gave me 3-5 years, yet I've had good news so I am determined to prove them all wrong!  Why didn't she do that? why have they taken her so early?