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Spiritualist church

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hi all, I’ve hummed and harred about posting this. Don’t know if it’s fear of judgement or what..?

my dad died 8 weeks ago. I’ve decided to go to a spiritualist church for a clairvoyant meeting this Thursday. I’ve become almost obsessed with reading about the afterlife and spiritualist mediums. I’m desperate to know that he is ok. I feel him around me all the time and get little signs, but I just need something else, some other confirmation. 

Would like to hear from anyone else who has gone down this route and what their thoughts about it are. 


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Hi, no one should ever feel that by posting on this forum that they will be judged by other members and you have only put into words how you are feeling and what you are thinking.

I can't answer give you an answer to what you are looking for but I can direct you to a discussion that was running in 2017 about and suggest that you read through the posts to see what the members were saying then and hope it helps. I would mention that most of the members who contributed to that thread may not still be members and I wouldn't suggest that you start to post on it.

I've never been to a spiritualist church so I've no idea what goes on at the meetings or what you should expect all I can advise is that you go with an open mind  if you decide to attend, and don't expect too much.

Maybe others will be able to give you some more information see also our Religion, spirituality and prayer group group which may also be of help to you 


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Hello ,

I am sorry to her about your Dad and I send my condolences. Although I have never contacted a clairvoyant I do believe in some way our loved ones are with us, even if I don't understand it. Its only natural your going to want to know that they are OK. Maybe worth you asking in the Religion, spirituality and prayer group - Discussion Forum if anyone has had similar experience.

  GBear Xxxx 

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I am so sorry to hear about your dad. These are raw days for you and I hope you soon find peace and comfort in your memories. I hope you get some answers from the spiritualist church but please remember it is still very early days and your dad may not be ready yet. That said I heard from my dad after three weeks. There was no guesswork. It couldn't have been anyone else. It was a good medium but unfortunately gave it to the wrong person. I had never been to the church before so didn't know what to do. I asked afterwards and was told to always put your hand up and tell the medium. By the way it's not at all spooky. There will usually be prayers, gentle music and the lights are on.. most people are pretty joyful too.   Like you I had many experiences of my dad immediately after his passing which caused me to go to the church.

Good luck with the medium and blessings.