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For anyone who has lost a family member or friend to cancer to share their feelings and support one another.

Life after losing Mum .

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We are now over 18 months of losing Mum and the pain is so rife. My poor dad is a broken man. No idea what to do

 I just wish Macmillan did after care for partners. Breaks my heart seeing my dad disappear into drink

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I send my sincere condolences for the lose of your Mum and I am sorry to hear about your Dad and him disappearing into drink. I realise this must make everything you both have gone though even more difficult.Have either of you considered councilling?  Sometimes you just need someone to talk too to express your grief as we all do so very differently. Here on the community you can be assured that we understand lose and we all grieve different there is no rule book sadly that helps make it a bit more bearable. Wendy our Ask about bereavement support is a lovely lady who is our bereavement support expert. I myself have seek her solace when I was feeling very confused and angry when I lost my best friend who was like a brother and was diagnosed with cancer around the same time. I struggled a lot at first, yes I still have waves of emotions which can get the better of me but with her and everyone here in the group I found that others really did care and understand. But I would suggest you contact Wendy though the highlighted link I have given you and also for you both to consider councilling I know you mentioned how its a shame Macmillan don't do after care but I hope you can understand that there is people here that care and if you go on the Macmillan main site page you will see a button called 'in my area' here you can find out where the local support is and there are groups for cancer support I happen to go to one locally I found out about from in your area button so I really hope this is some help to you. Please don't do this alone if there is available help please if you can get the help and support for you both try it.

Sending you both a gentle hug of support and condolences

And I am sure some of the others from the group will say hello and share their experience.

  GBear Xxxx 

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