Bereaved family and friends

For anyone who has lost a family member or friend to cancer to share their feelings and support one another.

Struggling with loosing my mum

Pixie Burkey
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Hi, this breaks my heart that there are so many members in this group, its so unfair. My mum died on the 6th April, she had lung cancer, but it had spread to her liver, spleen, brain and bones, it was the mist horrendous time. She had 15 weeks from diagnosis until she died, its so unfair i cant bear it. 

Pixie B
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Hi Pixie

It's a group nobody wants to be a part of that's for sure but the support on here has helped me loads. You will find lots of supportive people that can relate and understand.

I also lost my mother to lung cancer which had spread to her liver and bones it certainly is a sh*tty, evil, cruel, vile disease as all types of cancer are. Nothing prepares you for seeing someone you love suffer.  I still find it unreal, even nearly six months on. I'm trying my best to keep going for my children and my lovely mother. 

Take Care

Louise x x

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Hello Pixie

So sorry for your loss. As Louise said, this is a group nobody wants to belong too. I lost my beloved mum last September. This journey that we are all on is very difficult. As I have said many times, this site has been such a help to me and the lovely people on it. You can reach out for support anytime. Thinking of you. xx