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Lost my dad

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Hi, I can really relate to everything here so much. I lost my dad last month - he had just moved to Spain with my mum for their dream early retirement and had no signs of illness. He went to the doctor for a routine check up and he was diagnosed with lung cancer that had already spread to his liver, kidneys, muscles and also his brain. He died 2 weeks later. It doesn’t feel real and I can’t get my head around the fact that he is gone. It’s so hard to believe I won’t see him again. I’m trying to focus on the good memories I have but like others have said I just keep going back to the day he died and how he deteriorated so quickly. It’s hard to accept that he won’t be around. He loved the sunshine so I like the idea that he is just on a really long holiday - thank you for sharing that. 

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Feeling very anxious about tomorrow; my first Father’s Day without a dad. It’s only been 2 and a half months since he died and I will be spending the day on my own as my partner is away visiting family and I have no other family nearby. Hoping the day goes by quickly so I can go back to work on Monday and get back into routine :( 

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Just wanted to say, I’m thinking of everyone who has lost their dads. Days like Fathers Day are just another painful reminder of our loved ones who are no longer with us x

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Following up on 's lovely post. 

Today is father's day and sadly for those who have lost their Dads, Fathers and Daddy's this only serves as a painful reminder of your lose, but I hope also it helps to remember the good things that they did for your family and remember the good, the love and the support.

Thinking of everyone today with love and best wishes.

  GBear Xxxx 

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Thank you GBear. x