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Dreading New Year

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Hello lovely ladies,

Firstly so sorry for my complete radio silence the last few weeks - I’ve just felt like I wanted to have a break from the world of digital for a bit (I work in e-commerce, so just in the evenings) 

Been thinking about you all - you were never out of my thoughts. How is everyone doing? 

It’s a tough old journey this grief isn’t it. I’ve felt so many emotions over the last few weeks. Anger, resentment, very tearful, regretful and still, never able to see it coming or able to control. 

I’m still running. I fell over a couple of weeks ago - properly buggered up my knee! Wasn’t able to run for a week and wanted to call mum straight after it happened! I had my first positive 10K run last night - it’s taken 2 weeks of non enjoyable ones.

Hope you’re all ok. Lots of love always 


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Hi Kate and all

Hope your knee is ok. Good to hear you had a positive 10k run. It certainly is a very tough journey that we are all on. All of a sudden the realisation of our loss just hits you. I tick all the emotions that you mentioned. I see something on the television and still think I must tell mum that, then realise I can’t. I miss the simple things in life with mum so much, especially the laughter - mum and me had the same sense of humour, when I laughed/smiled at something, I knew mum would be laughing too. 

Wishing you you all a peaceful week ahead


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Hey Kate. Xx

Totally get the range of emotions. Fab about the running. Sorry to hear about your knee. I have been gyming it. Not as much as I liked hope to increase it soon. Xx so mu h going on here. Xx

Best wishes


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Hey Sunny43,

Hope your well. Yep I do that all the time too. My mum and I were very similar. Xx 

Hope you have a peaceful week too! Xxx

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Ouch Kate, that sounds painful with your knee, but glad you got some running in that was really positive after the 2 weeks of non enjoyable ones, I bet your Mum was spurring you on and watching you with pride. 

Emotions, oh boy they are such a mix, I ended bursting into tears when I went for a meal with friends to celebrate my 40th, then felt very silly but I was mega overwhelmed, they have been my rock when I needed a steady rock to rest on then have help me every step of the way with my cancer diagnosis then my friends death. His wife well widow, is one of them she describes us all as family and its because we are all so close everyone of us in our group her brothers and sisters. They all have helped me and my friends wife to ride the emotional rolls coaster we are on. 

The thing is they understand, everyone here on site understands and that's what helps the most and its OK to say your not OK. I have had a rough few weeks but also had some fantastic experiences. My friends brought me a lion photography experience that I went last Friday it was amazing and i will try and share one of my photos from my phone as I haven't downloaded any from my camera yet, I can't store on my computer takes too much space do will put them on a memory stick but here's one to show you all.

  GBear Xxxx 

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