Bereaved family and friends

For anyone who has lost a family member or friend to cancer to share their feelings and support one another.

Dreading New Year

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Gbear I love the picture it is beautiful I'm sure your friend's wife will love it. Love the bunny too he's so cute!! Wish I was good at art.

Hope all the Macteam are doing ok. X x x

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Maybe I’ll suggest to my sister Wendy, about making one. She loves doing these sorts of things with Freya. We may need to take a screengrab and have yours near us as a reference. I’ll take a picture If we manage it - do send us a picture of the hedgehog. If it goes down the pan, can we buy the hedgehog?

Thanks for inspiring us GBear xxxxxx

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Sure I will share the picture of the hedgehog, I am sure its planned for next month. Plus I honestly look forward yo doing it too, I love hedgehogs.

  GBear Xxxx 

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“Don't live in the past, but live for today” 

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Thank you for sharing the pictures with us GBear, they are lovely. Your friend will love the picture. Looking forward to seeing the picture of the hedgehog. Xx