Bereaved family and friends

For anyone who has lost a family member or friend to cancer to share their feelings and support one another.


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Music can be very powerful and I was well aware of certain songs that played during my dad's short illness and in his final hours, and I will always relate them to this time, one in particular  (Afterglow By Genesis). Has anyone else got a song that marks this very difficult time? Xx

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Hi Emilie1983 You are so right about music and how it can invoke very powerful memories for us of good and bad and happy and sad times.

I have two pieces of music that remind me of my mum one is celine dion my heart will go on we played that at her funeral and every time I hear it I think back to that day. The other one is the Old Rugged Cross which was my mums favourite hymn not that she was religious but she liked it being sung and tried her very best to join in with limited success so that memory makes me smile.


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This is going to sound a bit crazy but I guess we are all a bit crazy these days, it helps me. When I visit the cemetery to put flowers on my mum and if nobody is about I turn the music up loud, open the windows of the car and play Billy Fury on the CD, he was mums favourite, I like to imagine her dancing to it, wherever she is. X

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Emilie1983, music is indeed powerful! During my mums final days we played all her favourite music. Her absolute favourite was The Spinning Wheel - foster and Allen sang a great version. 

My mum in her day loved to sing at parties, she had a fab voice. Unfortunately, the 5 daughters she produced had no such talent! 

After my mum passed we put her music on, and we sang to her, all of her songs, The spinning wheel, power of love by Jennifer Rush, the lot! The song that gets me most though, and was the first hymn at her funeral service 'Here I am lord' and Daniel O'Donnels version is the best, in my opinion. (Beautiful words)

At mums funeral I was determined to sing up - despite not being able to hold a tune. It was last time I could sing to her/for her. I couldn't get the words out for the first hymn though, due to crying so much. After that though there was no stopping me! 

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Absolutely right. I have two songs that take me right back to very difficult times but not in a bad way. Because they help you express how you feel. One is Carry you home by James Blunt. It was so apt at a time when my beloved mother in law was in hospital for 4 months before she died. It was as though the words were written just for me. The second one is Sunshine through my Window by Gabrielle.  We went through a horrible time when my father in law had lung cancer. It was my first experience of dealing with a loved one with a terminal condition and I used this song to get through the despair I felt. I would come home to an empty house put this song on full volume and sing along at the top of my voice, sometimes in tears, but it always lifted my spirits and got rid of the anger and frustration I felt at times. Music is so powerful. X