Just Checking How Everyone Is, And Wishing Love.

Hi Everyone, I feel I have to write because my heart and head is telling me to. We have all been through the most terrible times recently what with our Sad Losses and this Covid-19. I have been reading a few posts and see that some are struggling more than others, and others are just getting by.  I really hope that everyone is steadily coming to terms with everything that has happened to us all. I just wish we could wave a wand and finally get answers and some explanation as to why we have had to endure these losses and the Heartache that goes through it. 

May I wish you all a bit of Happiness and send some Social Distanced Love through this site. Keep Strong Everyone, it will get easier, and we will all come to terms with it.

God Bless You All and Stay Safe and Strong 

John xx

  • FormerMember
    FormerMember 6 months ago

    Good morning John. 

    Thank you for the heartwarming words and thinking of us all. 

    God bless you too


    Andrea xxx

  • Billythedog you are very kind to ask after us all. Thank you for caring. I had a crap weekend, it was 12weeks on Sunday since I lost Colin and I really miss his presence, his hugs and him telling me how much he loves me. I know he still does but wish I could hear him say again.  Work has been ok, this is my 5th week back after being off since Sep/Oct last year to for him. Still feel cheated by cancer-the thief- we wanted more time but were robbed. I read these posts everyday and tbf they keep me going. Thank you xx

    Tomorrow is another day
  • Good Morning Bootsy. I'm so sorry about your loss of Colin. I have not long hit the 6 month mark with my loss of Tina, and Yes you are right we miss the words ' I Love You '  I feel that we lose the Loved ones as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed.  Tina's was Lung Cancer and as soon as the Oncologist said it was Palliative Care only she changed. I still Love her to this day as I know it was the disease that had took over.  We managed 9 months from diagnosis to the end and I feel totally cheated by the whole lot. 

    I can say that we do come to terms with what has happened, it gets slightly easier day by day. I just feel like a freak some days as I'm a 45 year old Widower.  All we need to remember is that ' We don't know how strong we are......Until being strong is the only choice we have' Keep Strong Bootsy and just Be Safe. Colin is beside you everyday.

    God Bless You 

    John xx

  • Yes that is very kind to think of us all The two dates Ruby wedding anniversary on the 28th and Billys birthday on the 29th June weren't as bad as I thought. Going home today after 5 weeks at my daughters mixed feelings really .Its been a bit odd staying here in some ways I feel as though I have suspended time and today the reality of my new life is going to hit me .I only live a 10 minute walk away and will see them daily .The kids have been brilliant but this next bit they cant help with I will have to do myself .It isnt going to be easy and its nice to know I can come to this site and get support .Love to you all .

    Granny Sue

  • Hi John,

    I lost Ric about the same time you lost Tina. It is strange how it has been 6 months, a short but long time. You sound pretty positive. I am as well. I am not looking for love but I am a little lonely. I have a couple of friends that have also lost husband's in the last year which has been he helpful and we are all.the same sort of age.

    I still miss Ric but I am working hard and getting through covid. Part of me is pleased he hasn't had to!!! I intend to scatter him in August, things didnt quite  go to plan there as we were in lockdown. I have a small pot of him in the garden with his dog tags and special necklace. The rest are going to Bovington on Aug 13th as that was the day he joined the army. I will set him free back to his army. 

    I will feel better when I set him free but my life has to go on. I am happy with my children and job at present and we have things to look forward to. I was going to Italy at the end of the week but I have rebooked for a year time and I think that my be better. I will have done all my firsts! And it will be close to my daughter's 18th so more of a treat and celebration. My son has just turned 21 and he has been a rock as my dad has. 

    I have lots of happy memories but I move forward. 

    Hope all good with yourself.

    Love and hugs Alison xxx