Husband has Stage 3 small cell lung cancer

He has started chemotherapy this week which is palliative. 

I have been trying to be positive as I am a glass half full person.  But yesterday called DWP as nurse had given a form to claim PIP,  and was transferred to less than 6 months to live section!  Didn't say anything but when I went to bed couldn't stop crying. 

Today feel the last has been kicked over, liquid pooling on floor and I'm empty, and very scared.

  • Hi , so sorry to hear about your husband but also slightly shocked at the way you were given this information. DWP "excitingly" processes PIP claims for people for whom a doctor will say they might live less than 6 months more quickly; of course this does not mean they will live less than 6 months as the example here shows.

    As for being scared, we all get there sometime, anytime you need come here because we understand.



  • Hi Claralumoet

    so very sorry to hear about your husband & the dreadful way the DWP handled your claim. 

    It’s ok to be scared & to cry. I have cried so much recently that I could refill the local reservoirs twice over.

    Happy to reply to any posts at anytime.

    Good wishes & refilling your glass