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Chemo dose

Glasgow Gill
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Hi all, Dad is currently on chemo in tablets for twice a day , capacitabine 800mg morning and evening for 20 days,

the first day of the 21 day cycle is injection and IV treatment for 30 minutes in chemo ward, scans have shown that despite being on the chemo the areas affected by cancer are continuing to develop, can the treatment be increased ? Cheers 

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Hi ,

sorry to hear the treatment does not appear to have been as effective as might have been hoped, it might be possible the dose might be changed or perhaps it might also be possible to try some other treatment. Your dad would need to discuss this with his oncologist as only with all the information to hand can a decision really be made. 

In my wife's case with a completely different form of cancer the first chemo caused other problems and had to be stopped but the second has stopped her cancer growing (well for 6 years at least!)

Fingers crossed for some good news soon.