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Nervous for Mum's results tomorrow

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Hi all

My Mum has finished a course of chemo and tomorrow we are in for results of a CT scan. She had a scan midway through the chemo which showed that she was "responding to treatment". They've said that coming back is to see if she needs radiotherapy, and if so, how much. 

She handled the chemo remarkably well, and being in that routine I think we all felt a little better. Now we have the results of this scan I have just been riddled with nerves all week and finding it hard to relax. Usually I would research a little, so I know potentially what questions to ask in the appointment, but I haven't done that this time, again probably through being too nervous/ scared, and a little because I think until we know things for sure there is not much point filling my head with potentially unnecessary information. 

I've managed to stay strong and reasonably positive on the whole, but now I am just struggling a little. I suppose I am worried about getting upset infront of my Mum too. My mind is just racing!

I'm sure many of you have been in a similar situation, so any advice or tips that you can provide would be great.

Many thanks


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Hi Helen,

sorry you did not get a reply earlier and hope things went well today. 

I must admit to have been in a similar sort of situation but was lucky to get on a living with less stress course, learned I spent far too much time looking in to the future that was always darker and more worrying than actually happened so living in the here and now was really quite important. Controlled breathing exercised were also very useful to stop the sense on panic and also to help relax. The more transcendental bit did not work for me though.



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Hello Helen, I’m sorry I’ve just read this and I’m hoping that today’s appointment went well for you both, and that you were able to ask all the questions that you wanted to. 


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Thanks Steve and KT for your replies. We did have some good news today & the plan now is for radiotherapy in about a month's time. I agree with what you said Steve. Luckily the anxiety did pass quite a bit, just by writing my thoughts on here & reading some other posts. I also went for a lovely long walk with my boyfriend which seemed to help. That is great advice about not looking too far ahead too. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.