Mums cancer has spread

In early may this year my mum was diagnosed with stage 3a lung cancer, unfortunately due to heart issues the doctors were not prepared to operate so they started her on a low dose of chemotherapy. She had her 3rd session just over 3 weeks ago and shortly afterwards ended up in hospital. Since then she has been admitted 3 times which is where she is right now. She had a scan done and its confirmed that the cancer has spread to her tummy. Shes been receiving fluids through a drip, antibiotics and has a catheter fitted. Today her oxygen levels have been dropping so she has been getting oxygen but earlier this afternoon she was given a nebuliser. 

I'm really struggling to cope with it all as I live over 300 miles away from her, its breaking my heart not being there but getting the daily updates from my brother is making me feel more anxious. I dont know what to do for the best. I know shes in the best possible place right now and not much I can really do. 

The specialist doctors will be having a meeting to discuss what is going to happen next if anything. They have already told us chemotherapy isn't working anymore.

  • Hi , sorry to hear about your mum though glad you realise at the moment her being in hospital is the best place for her. It must be extra difficult with the heart problems too.

    I can understand how being far away makes things more difficult and it can be hard thinking your brother is carrying the load but I can hear your love for your mum in your words. I know too the worries of waiting for the results of the multi-disciplinary team meetings.