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If a member of your family or a friend, or someone else you know is living with cancer, this group is the place to share your feelings and get support.

In shock

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My husband has just been told he has terminal cancer. It started in his gullet and spread to liver. He has not been unwell but had a pain in his side one day two weeks ago. We are both in shock. He is starting chemotherapy next week to alleviate simptoms. I just felt I had to write something

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Hi and welcome to the community though sorry to hear about your husband and I am not surprised about you being in shock. 

We have a lot of advice around Oesophageal (gullet) cancer that might help you understand some of what you will be going through with the chemotherapy and you might like to look at too cancer and you feelings.

Glad you found the strength to come here,post whenever as someone will always be here to listen.