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If a member of your family or a friend, or someone else you know is living with cancer, this group is the place to share your feelings and get support.

Mums cancer

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my first post to the group. My mum had oesophageal cancer 10 years ago and had all her oesophagus removed. She did so well.

Now the b&@&&@ is back and has been growing down her surgery scar.

im broken. She has just finished her 6th chemo cycle. They are hoping it has shrunk enough for some radiotherapy. PET scan in a couple of weeks

i just don’t know what to do with myself.... 

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Hi vsseym

Welcome to the community.  I'm sorry to hear about your mum.  I know this is a very tough time for you but you need to try to stay strong for your mum to help her through this.  You don't mention if you have any other family or close friends that can also be there to help both with any physical things like shopping and emotional support.

There is a specialist group which has more specialised advice and support.

You can also look at this link which allows you to enter your postcode and it will show any support groups / services near you which you and your mum could use.  This could be drop in for a group or 1-2-1 chat, advice on on something specific ie finances, craft groups etc.

Hope this helps and sending you a big hug.


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