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Hi does anyone have any tips or thoughts and advice on Steroids. My mum has been very weak on the Paz. They have took her off the drug and now want to try get her eating and build her strength up with a two week course of Steroids.  First week two tablets mixed in water after breakfast and second week down to one tablet.

Anything I need to look out for or try while on them to make side affects etc to the minimum?

We have never had dealings with Steroids before.  Not sure what to expect. x

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Hi Sparky

Welcome to the community.

I have no knowledge on this but read this info on steroids and if necessary call the helpline on 0808 808 0000 Mon - Fri 9:00 - 8:00 for a free confidential chat.  They can send out material free and also have an ask the expert service so you can talk to someone who will give you the advice you need.

Hope this helps and sending you a big hug.


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My experience of steroids during my Dads illness was that they had no side effects. They were the first thing they gave him when he was diagnosed and seemed to help him with the pain and discomfort. 

They are also used to increase appetite and energy I believe. 

Best wishes to your Mam, much love Jilly xxx 

Always look on the bright side of life x

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Hi there

My hubby has been having steroids alongside chemo for nearly three years - main things that affect him are bouncing off the walls with energy and not being able to sleep plus severe munchies, especially for sweet or carb laden stuff.

Not great - but small fry in the overall scheme of things.

Sounds as if it is just the ticket if you are weak and/or off your food - so hope it proves good for her



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Hi Sparky

Lots of people say steroids increase appetite and also help with weight gain. I think they also take a little of the weakness away. Only side effect I can remember why my hubby was terrible hiccups! ! as has been said,  in the scheme if things ......

Good luck