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For those with children about to sit exams....

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You might all be aware of this already but it was news to me. Children who have a parent with a terminal cancer prognosis are recognised by exam boards that their exam performance is likely to be impacted by events at home, so there's a general 5% allowance made in any exams they are sitting. It's not much but it is something. You can find the details at

Schools should obviously be aware of this but it's worth prompting them to be on the safe side. 
Best wishes to you all. xxxxx
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This is very interesting to know, thank you for sharing . It is not applicable to me personally but I can now share the information should the need ever arise.

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I guess I knew this

my dad died the morning of one of my exams

5% isn't enough

I sat and stared into space for at least half the exam

50% is more realistic

thanks for the reminder