Family and friends

If a member of your family or a friend, or someone else you know is living with cancer, this group is the place to share your feelings and get support.


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Until Macmillan I'd never joined a group chat, and its been great. Just reading and hearing about the different angles and experiences of other people. Everyone sounds so kind. I am moved alot and much of what you all say makes me tearful but also makes me feel not alone so a thousand thank yous.My dads having good and bad days, and while we are a close family we often don't chat enough about how we are all really feeling and what next. Even trying toget practical details of what, how, etc from doc appts from my parents is near impossible! Earlier this week dad decided it would be good to plan his funeral and memorial services with us all. Really, really hard, but also maybe a release as its a bridge to making us all able to talk better. Any way YOU are all a great help. Just wanted to say thanks.

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Hi Bpop

What a wonderful post.  It sums up so perfectly what I (and probably many others) feel about this Mac site.  I'd never joined a chat group before either.

What a sad time for you, your Dad and all your family. It's times such as this that can bring people closer together and encourage them to talk, as you say. 

Wishing you strength and courage.

Love Zute xxxxxx