A deep love for my old Church

I was brought up as a Catholic and my Church was at the centre of all the important stages of my life.  However, in adulthood I can confirm that I am truly an atheist but I can't give up the actual fabric of the church building itself.  As a child, whilst my little playmates were busy doing their stuff, I would sneak off into the Church to say 10 Hail Marys.  I can't give up the building which has been such a comfort to me for over 70 years.  How stupide to feel such severe love for bricks and mortar!  I can't understand it myself.

  • Catholic churches are a most beautiful design on this planet Earth. It's understandable to be impressed by something so grand and majestic, especially from the perspective of a child.  Life is so harsh that it's fortunate to have something that brings such great comfort.  We just need to try see past the crazy mental stuff.

  • I was raised a catholic and now an atheist, even without god there is something spiritual about churches. Some feel like they have a certain power. And even without a god they do bring people comfort and together.