Stemcell transplant

My daughter had a stem cell transplant 4 weeks ago I was her donor ,she is now showing signs of graft versus host disease so far it is attacking her gut and bowels and her skin ,I just need a straight answer can someone die from graft versus host disease I am very worried I would appreciate your reply

  • Dear Kind,

    Firstly can I say how sorry I am that you find yourself in this situation.  Now to your question, well a straight question deserves a straight answer, yes unfortunately in some cases graft versus host disease is life threatening and you can die.  However, it is not directly the Graft versus host disease that does the harm, patients very often die from an infection as a consequence of all the steroids and drugs such as Ciclosporin lowering the patients immune system so they are less able to deal with infections.

    Graft versus host disease is not rare, patients are more likely to get Graft versus host disease than not and it is considered to be a good sign that the Graft is working and your daughter could be getting a graft versus disease effect which reduces the chance of her disease coming back but, as you are finding out, it can be difficult to get under control particularly when early post transplant. 

    That said I have seen numerous patients have severe graft versus host disease needing huge doses of steroids and other treatments, survive and live a long and happy life.

    My fingers and toes are all crossed for your daughter in the hope that she comes through this.

    Please come back and let me know how she gets on, and if you have more questions Slight smile

    Best wishes

  • Hi , I am Mike and I am dropping in past from our dedicated Stem Cell Transplant Forum where folks from many blood cancers hang out and support each other.

    I have had two Allo SCT with cells from my brother and yes, had GvHD and as Jane says most folks will develop this, I actually developed GvHD 10 months following my second SCT.

    Why not follow the like to our very supportive Stem Cell Transplant Forum group as this will open up your concerns to a wider audience who know exactly what you and your daughter are going through at the moment.

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