Infections post transplant.

Hi all i am 14 months post transplant. I feel blessed to be here. I am continuously getting infections. Some are viral colds which go on their own ( though takes a long time) but I keep getting tonsillitis.  3 times in 6 months. Doctors suspect bacterial as my tonsils are covered in white. 

Does /did anyone have this problem? Did you take antibiotics regularly? Im worried I will become immune to them ( can this happen) and then what...? 



  • Hi Jacqui,

    I'm not sure whether you thought you were posting in the stem cell transplant forum by the way your asking your questions?

    Whether you had your own cells or donor cells it is not uncommon to get infections post transplant, and taking regular courses of antibiotics will not cause you too much harm.  

    Everyone's recovery is different and it can depend on your diagnosis initially that led to the transplant and the type of transplant you had, whether it be your own cells or donor cells.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi Jacqui, if you had posted this in the SCT Forums you would have found out that this can be a part of the post SCT Journey.

    I am 4 years old in a few weeks ;) and must have had over 10 infections with a few putting me back in hospital 5 times (31 days) with Chest Infections, Lung Fungal Infections, the RSV Virus, Pneumonia, Septicaemia and A Fib. Also and three months of low blood counts so regular blood transfusions every second week and GvHD of the skin........ but I am doing good.

  • Hi Jalola,

    Good to hear from you again. I’m glad you’ve raised the subject of tonsillitis, I have an almost permanent state of swollen tonsils. I’m also interested in your comment about long term use of antibiotics. You hear everywhere in the press that this is bad for you, yet it is often the routine path in post SCT world.

    As you say, these problems pail into insignificance in comparison to the initial disease we had, but I tend to agree with you that I get a bit of a feeling that you are left alone a little to deal with the longer term impacts of the life saving treatment. As more and more people live for longer and longer, hopefully this will get more attention in the future.