If abnormal blood and urine tests showing possible myeloma mean I do have this

I’ve been told my blood and urine tests show abnormal cells which are related to myeloma. I’m seeing a haematologist but I’m frightened- do these cells mean I am likely to have myeloma or NGUS?

  • Hi archie 19,

    I can totally understand why you are feeling frightened, it can be a scary time when you don't really know what is going on.  Without knowing what your levels of 'abnormal cells' are its's difficult for me to say whether this could be Myeloma or MGUS.

    The positive is that this has been picked up and you have been referred to the right place to be seen and followed up Slight smile

    If it is MGUS you will be monitored regularly.  MGUS can develop into Myeloma so this monitoring is important, if/when it develops into Myeloma (which it doesn't do in everyone) there are a whole range of treatments that can be offered to treat the Myeloma and keep it under control.

    There is a myeloma forum on here where people who are going through the same experiences can be an invaluable support, and there is a whole host of information to look at.  

    Myeloma UK is also a fantastic resource and also have a forum, they regularly organise patient events which I know a lot of people find useful.

    If I can give you any advise at the moment it's try not to read too much information until you know what you are dealing with.

    Please come back if you have any more questions Slight smile


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