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Melanoma in the eye?

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hi there, I’m not sure if you can help with my question, I know eye and skin melanomas are different, but maybe you know about eye melanomas too?

anyway. I had my eye removed last month, a large melanoma. It was diagnosed on ultrasound , but when I saw the lab report after my eye was removed, the tumour was a lot bigger than at diagnosis. My surgery was about a month after diagnosis, but my tumour at diagnosis was 15x12mm, and was 17x15mm in the lab report, which moved it from a stage 3 size to a stage 4 size.

I didn’t notice this detail at the time, and I won’t  see my consultant again now for several months. I feel a bit worried about this apparent rapid growth, I guess it doesn’t really matter in the wider scheme of things,, but I’d still like to know. Do you think the differenc3 is just the differenc3 between ultrasound and laboratory measurement, ie it’s more accurate to measure when the tumour is removed than when it’s in the body? Or do you think it really grew that much in a month? My doctor said my tumour was slow growing and had probably been in my eye for 5-6 years, but I went blind so suddenly in the few weeks between diagnosis and surgery that I did wonder if it was growing fast.

i suppose I’m just trying to understand  how this cancer behaves. I’ve been told my cancer will probably kill me because even though it’s gone from my eye, it will still grow somewhere else, probably my liver. I’m just wondering  how fast the micro metastases are likely to grow.

thank you. Xx

Wilma - Macmillan
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Hi Andalay

Thanks for getting in touch, I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  The confusion following your lab report will understandably confuse you.  My advice is to contact your Nurse Specialist or your consultant and ask them to go over this with you.  And surgical excisions tend to be more accurate.

You have a lot to deal with and although clarity of this information is important please don't allow it to create further anxieties.  Sometimes we just don't know how rapidly tumours or metastases will behave.  Why not call our support line and have a chat with one of our advisors.  The number is 0808 808 00 00 and the line is open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm.

Best wishes