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Bcc mohs surgery on nose

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I have a bcc on the side of my nose and have been told I need mohs surgery. I was diagnosed in September and saw my surgeon in November. I still have no date for surgery. Should I chase?

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Dear Curley 

Whilst a BCC is not malignant it is however a growing cancer that grows like tree roots albeit slowly 
I’ve gone through MOHs surgery for a BCC and I would suggest you chase u your appt 
Only when you have had the Mohs surgery done will you know the true extent of the BCC no one does 
Mohs surgery is a 98% removal of it and you want it all gone 
Mohs surgeons are artists and they will follow the lines of your face or wherever as much as they can and give you options for repair of the area once the BCC has been removed 
Chase it now hope this helps 
We have s Mohs Surgery section it helped me it might help you 
Wilma - Macmillan
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Hi Curley

Some good information there from Anxious 65.   However, please be reassured that the waiting list for Mohs does tend to be months.  although each department may vary.  I won't do any harm to call the department and ask when you can anticipate receiving your appointment.  As BCCs are indolent (slow growing) lesions, there will be little change to it over this period time.

It is an excellent way to completely remove all of the lesion.  Hopefully you don't have too long to wait now,

Best wishes



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Hi Curley, I had my punch biopsies in November for two BCC on my scalp and I was told it would be around about March before the appointment for the surgery. I had my surgery last Thursday, the 8th of March. At the hospital I attended the Moh’s Surgery department has their own Cordinator and they are very helpful if you have worries and concerns and questions about waiting for your appointment. They won’t send you out an appointment until six weeks before the date for your surgery. I know this waiting is stressful and I think this is a great website for reassuring people. I did post about my day. Whether you read that or not is optional! :)  Everybody’s surgery is different So if you can find out who your coordinator is, that would probably be the most helpful for your situation and your area of the country. Best of luck

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Thank you I have chased the hospital and have been advised my surgery should be in may.

I don't know whether to be worried or not? I feel like I'm making a fuss as it's not classed as serious....

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Thank you there is some reassurance there.

I have an estimate now of may this year