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Skin Colour following Radiotherapy

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Hi Wilma

It is now around 7 or 8 months since my course of Radiotherapy was completed. It was on my nose to treat BCC. The majority of my nose was treated due to a few suspicious areas along with the biopsied/diagnosed area.

I have two concerns

1. That the treated area appears to be getting paler as time progresses.

2. That two of the suspicious areas have developed in to what are almost certainly cysts. I am awaiting an appointment via my GP to see a Plastic Surgeon however my GP said surgery following Radiotherapy can have healing difficulties.

Are you able to advise on either or both of these please.

Many Thanks


Wilma - Macmillan
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Hi Jonathan , thank you for getting in touch

Over all radiotherapy is generally very successful in the management of BCC.  However, radiation to the skin can lead to additional problems due to skin damage.  The change in appearance to the area treated may well be one of the side effects of the treatment.  As some changes can occur over time. Also unfortunately as your GP correctly stated wound healing can be problematic.  Your specialist will assess your skin and the cyst like lesions.  I think the main thing is to ensure these are not in keeping with recurrence to the area.

I suppose one option is that you do nothing and leave them alone to reduce wound healing problems.  However they would need to be certain of what they were.  Your surgeon will be able to explain this in more detail and decide the best course of management.

Please do get back in touch if you have any further questions