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Fast Forward RT

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Hi, just joined your community, sorry to have a question already!  I have recently had successful surgery for breast cancer, 20mm om left side found by screening, node negative, Oncotype DX recurrence score of 13, I am 53 female.  My consultant discussed the Fast Forward RT option, 1 week course of RT and not the standard 3 weeks.

It was explained to me that with the current situation of Covid 19, travelling to and from cancer centre, risk of infection,  resources, that the 15 treatments may not be sustainable at this time and may need to be postponed for maybe 6 weeks. 

So I agreed to the 5 RT sessions over a 1 week period, I signed the consent form yesterday and now doubting my decision and very worried. My previous consent form on the 16.3.20 was signed for 15 treatments over 3 weeks, and things have changed so quickly and dramatically.   I am concerned that I will not get the full dosage of RT over the shorter period, and my relapse rate will be greater, also side effects more severe. 

I am trying to find out more about this option, the findings of the trial and the pros and cons of 1 week instead of 3 weeks. Information and or direction would be very helpful and very much appreciate.

Many thanks