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Hard yellow bits coming away from nipple

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i finished radiotherapy on 17/12 and in last week have had really itchy nipple, this morning after shower when drying noticed lots of little yellow bit that seem to be loose?

Kate C - Macmillan
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Thanks for your query. 

It's common to get some dry skin, especially on the nipple, after radiotherapy. Are you still using a moisturiser?  If not, I would resume using one, even just once a day to see if that helps.   If moisturising does not help, I would suggest popping to see your GP.  The itching may indicate that there is a fungal infection going on, which may need a prescription ointment to clear up. If you notice any discharge coming from the nipple at all, then contact your GP or breast care nurse just so they can check you over.  This is nothing to worry about, but as it's itching and causing you discomfort it is better to knock it on the head sooner rather than later. 

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