Essential Thrombocythemia

I'm 34 with previous history of a TIA. I'm on Hydroxycarbamide, Aspirin and Salbutamol for Asthma. It is such a rare disorder/cancer i'm not sure that my doctors know what category I should fall under in regards to risk. My doctors still don't see me as having cancer even though many organisations and other doctors do. I wish that there was more clarity in regards to this. I don't want to put myself at risk!

Could you shed some light on this and what I should do please?

  • Hi there, 

    Given your other chest issues combined with the hydroxycarbamide, you should be careful and practice social distancing. MPN voice recommend following goverment guidelines as your age does not put you in a high risk group from an ET perspective as of 23rd March.

    Hope this helps.stay safe