AML WBC count is 900k.

My spouse was detected with AML over a year ago. She has been through combination chemo, induction chemo, several rounds of cyterabine. Lastly, she took 2 courses of midostaurin (28 days each). The WBC count went down with cyterabine and midostaurin from 600,000 to 70,000. But now it is back up to 900,000. Clearly no chemo is working. She has been asked to undergo transplant.

My question: How long can a person survive with a WBC/blast count of 900,000 while waiting on a marrow transplant? Does such a high WBC count pose an immediate risk?

  • Hi there,

    you don't say if she is on hydroxycarbamide or not, but if she isn't, it can control the wcc for a while and can be titrated as much as required. This sounds like a very resistant AML and the danger would be that he disease would accelerate while waiting to go for transplant- then she may be out of options.

    I hope this helps

  • Thank you! No she's not on hydroxycarbamide. Can you predict a time-frame as to how long a person can endure with such a high WBC count? She is 33.

  • it will depend on how she is physically. I have saw patients with high wcc respond very well to hydroxycarbamide and manage well. However the transplant will be a risky procedure, especially given her previous breast cancer and lymphoma.