Medeastinal tumours in all

Hi again..sorry to keep asking things.

Ive been reading through my copy of my medical notes from 1973 to the present day. Not once does it clarify if it was t or b cell.  After 6 difficult weeks befor even being able to diagnose leukaemia at all they started treatment regardless. I was given Pinkel chemo then radiotherapy.  Was wondering  how was this possible to successfully treat without a complete diagnosis.

I was reading in an americam haematolgy jounal that children with all who present with mediasternum mass (as i did) do better than those who don't. 

Is this true ?

If so why would this be so ?

  • Hi there,

    I honestly don't know the answer to this question as I am an adult nurse as opposed to a children's nurse. No one in my department does either. Sorry!

    With regard to treating the leukaemia before all the results are I- the basic induction chemotherapy for ALL is the same and its only after about 6-8 weeks ( when they have all the results) do they add in or change medication. In 1973 things would have been different , and there would have been little difference in treatment, if any due to lack of knowledge. Hence the importance of clinical trials in this type of disease.