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Dealing with not understanding

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Hi, My Mum was diagnosed with AML in November 2019, and has since had once round of Chemo which has reduced the cancer cells. But even though she has been told by the doctors that the treatment is ongoing, she does not seem to understand that this is going to be with her for a while and further treatment is necessary.  Is there some way that I can get hold of the information on her current care plan so that I can talk through this with her. 

I am not sure she is asking for (and therefore not getting) the right information. A bit head in the sand at the moment.

Any advise greatly appreciated

Caroline- Macmillan

hi there,

lovely to hear from you. This is a typical scenario as some peoples coping mechanism is to put their head in the sand as they cannot process all the information- which is fine until you have family who need  to know all the details for them to process!

You need to tread gently here as giving her the information could make her distressed. However, it is important that you have the information to hand in case she doesn't understand or is afraid to ask. 

Because AML treatments are more tailored to each individual person now, it would be best to ask your mothers CNS or medical team. That said, AML  treatments have different pathways based on knowledge gained at the end of each treatment and although there may be a general plan in place, it may change. The CNS may also be able to help you gauge your mothers knowledge or lack! At the very least , talking to the team will give you the knowledge that you need should the conversation come up with your mum.  

I hope this helps.                                                   

Caroline - Macmillan  Information Nurse Specialist

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