Symptons reoccuring

Hi I have essential thrombycenia

and polycthemia vera

Does this fall within the category you deal with please

  • Hi Gwennorma,

    It does indeed. Ask away!!

  • Thank you sooooo much for getting back to me. I had several years of feeling really terrible before I was diagnosed in July 2017, although my doctor sent me for lots of different tests my illnesses were put down to my Fibromyalgia, Under Active Thyroid and general I'll health, but I knew it was more than this and when I was diagnosed and put on chemo tablets my life started to improve.

    But this last 10 weeks although my blood counts are good my symptoms are creeping back, itchy skin on my arms and shoulders, feeling sickly every morning like bile in the back of my throat, completely dehydrated even though I wake up throughout the night to drink water, no energy at all complete fatigue and the new symptom which is, the sides of my neck are painful and every morning when I wake up that part of my neck is red hot and sweaty.

    Have you any thoughts on this please my doctor did send me for a camera up my nose to look at my throat but this showed nothing

  • Hi Gwennorma,

    You don't say what your bloods have been like during this time but the symptoms such as itching are quite common with MPN's in general. I would ask for your next appointment with your haematologist to be brought forward as some of these symptoms may be related to your bloods. Fatigue, itch etc are common but pain in the sides of your next is a strange one. have you found any lumps or bumps on your neck for example? 

    I'm sorry that I am not much help. I think a full MOT with your haematologist might be in order.