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Timing of PET Scan post Colonoscopy?

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Hi there,
My dad is a double-hit DLBCL Lymphoma patient who had a benign polyp removed during a colonoscopy on the 28th of August (so just over a month ago), it was a flat polyp and the area needed to be closed together with small metal pins post procedure which should fall out on their own. It's coming to the time that we should think about another PET scan to see how he is, but I wanted to know if we needed to wait a certain amount of time post procedure to avoid any false positive results? I know that there is a time that they like you to wait post chemotherapy/radiotherapy/surgery, but I wasnt sure if his situation fit into those time frames exactly? Would you have any advice?
Very best,
Caroline- Macmillan

Hi John,

As the polyp was benign, they will know why this area is positive. It should be ok to go on ahead with the PET scan

Caroline - Macmillan  Information Nurse Specialist

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