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Starting nursery on Leukaemia treatment

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Hello, we are hoping our son can start nursery in February when he enters the maintenance stages of his treatment in January. He has ALL regimen C. (He’ll be 2 years old then)

We are wondering about him going to nursery where he will inevitably catch infections and end up in hospital with temperatures and had a few questions about this: 

- if he is regularly getting temperatures due to nursery will this hinder his Leukaemia treatment?

- Do some infections trigger the leukemia coming back?

- is he less likely to relapse if he’s kept at home throughout his treatment?

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Caroline- Macmillan

Oh what an exciting but scary time for you all!  It would be easy to give into hiding him away until all the maintenance is over, but you cant.

Your local team will be able to advise you ( every unit is different in their approach) but your son will be able to go to the nursery in some capacity during his treatment.

Infections will happen as kids are germ magnet,s but infection would not trigger his leukaemia to come back and keeping him at home will not cut his chance of relapse.

You want to protect him- I would be the same but the prognosis for ALL in children is excellent and he needs, (you all need) to get  a little normality back. You have all come soo far! 

Caroline - Macmillan  Information Nurse Specialist

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