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AML relapse, waiting on second SCT

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I see @mclg is in a similar situation, but I wanted to ask a specific question. I had AML and allo SCT in June 2017. All my counts had returned to normal by June 2019. Then on September check they had all dived. Biopsy says small amount of leukaemia, I'm not sure exact %. But I haven't got much good stuff in my bone marrow either. Current plan is one cycle of chemo and another SCT straight away. Now I'm waiting on whether a donor can be found again. 

Because my immunity is low, I have to be careful of crowds etc. Doctor says I can drive if I feel ok. I don't want to risk busy roads, but I have some quiet scenic routes I could do, just to get out of the house and keep the car running. Is there any guideline on whether I should avoid driving if my haemoglobin or platelets are below a certain level ?

Many thanks

Caroline- Macmillan

That is an excellent question and there has been a lot of debate about this with my colleagues! The answer is that there are no guidelines but if you are anaemic and symptomatic ( breathless, weak, dizzy) it would be best not as it may affect your insurance if you have an accident. Platelets ( or lack of ) wont affect your ability to drive. 

If the medical staff involved in your care are happy that you are strong enough to drive, and you feel well- go for it! I do think you are wise to avoid busy roads, however as your confidence may not be what it was before treatment.

 I hope this helps! 

Caroline - Macmillan  Information Nurse Specialist

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Thanks  very much Caroline. I'll keep asking what my haemoglobin levels are, though I gather they can vary during the day and depending on fluid levels.