Recovery stages post SCT

Hello Caroline

I am 91 days post SCT, I was diagnosed with AML last December. I am 65 and live alone, and don't have family support though some good friends and neighbours.

I can't get a clear idea of when I will be able to go out and mix again in public. It will be a while before I get all my replacement vaccinations. From comments of others, it sounds like I may be 'safe' a year after SCT, but how do I progress towards that. Spending so much time on my own is getting tough, yet I feel that world of bugs and infections out there is pretty scary too. I don't want to turn into an agrophobic, but I don't want to end up back in hospital with an infection either.

Thanks for any advice, Tessa

  • Hi Tessa,

    The time after SCT is always a difficult one. Although it may be a while before you can get your injections, you will still be able to get out and about. 91 days is still early but if your blood counts are ok, you can start small trips out and about.  Your clinical nurse specialist or doctor will be able to advise. You can still go out, you just need to give them a little more thought. For example, instead of going shopping on a busy Saturday afternoon, go Monday morning when there are less people.

    It can be difficult to balance the risk of infection against the need to get your life back. Anthony Nolan Trust have a great booklet, 'The next seven steps' which gives tips and advice after SCT. I hope that you continue to get stronger, and get out and about! If you need anything further please get in touch.