cbd oil for brain tumour

cbd oil has been suggested for my dad by a family member after suddenly discovering he a 3 brain tumours on 17th august. No symptoms apart from loss of memory 5 day before. to say we are in shock is an understatement and no treatment plan given, just bad news. he is diabetic too on insulin. can ou advise at all if cbd oil could help at all? 

Many thanks


  • Hi Lolly77,

    Thanks for getting in touch during what sounds like an unsettling time for you all.

    Sometimes it can feel quite frustrating when someone you love is newly diagnosed with cancer, it can feel as if things aren’t being done quickly enough. It’s understandable why cannabis oil has been suggested.  

    When you say there is no treatment plan given, I’m not sure if this is because this is still to be established or it’s been discussed that treatment is likely to cause more harm than benefit for your dad.

    If, as a family, you are not clear about we would encourage speaking with his hospital team about this.

    As a charity we work independently of the NHS and can’t advise if CBD oil would help. Speaking with your dad’s specialist team would be the best course of action to find out their opinion about the use of cannabis oil too. They have access to his medical files and will be able to discuss this.

    We would always recommend speaking with the hospital team or GP before trying any herbal or natural products as they can still have side effects and cans also affect the way some regular medicines work,

    I hope you are able to speak with your dad’s hospital team soon

    Best wishes Linda (Cancer Information nurse specialist)