Breast lump B3 atypia


I had 3 core biopsies and it came back B3 aytipia 

So I’m having a vaccum excision To find out more 

  • Hi Nelly1963

    I can appreciate your concerns about your recent biopsies and the plan for a further vacuum excision.

    Waiting for further procedures and some clarification on a diagnosis can be a frustrating and worrying time.  It’s a good idea to take one step at a time and as much as you can try not to look too far ahead.

    If you do get a diagnosis remember that treatment options are looked at by a multi-disciplinary team then discussed with you before any decisions are made. You  will be given the opportunity to ask all of your questions and address your concerns with your clinical team.

    Try to focus on getting through your next biopsy then waiting on your results. I appreciate that it’s easy for me to say and not so easy to do. If you feel that it may help to talk things through, then please do give us a call on the support line.  

    Best wishes for the 2nd of August, 

    Fiona (Macmillan Cancer Information Nurse).