Spread to bones

Hi I have been diagnosed with ILB cancer. I was diagnosed on the 1st March and awaiting a surgery date. For a few years I have had sore ribs when pressed. I have RA and my specialist R A person said it was Costachronditis (sorry re spelling) and advised breathing exercises. I was just wondering if could it be that the cancer is in my ribs. The front ribs under the breast which I have the cancer. The breast cancer is also on the lower outer side of breast right near the ribs. Am I being stupid.


  • Hi Daxxy

    Thanks for getting in touch. I can appreciate your concerns given your recent diagnosis of invasive lobular breast cancer.

    You’re not being stupid. After a cancer diagnosis it’s natural to revisit aches and pains that you have been dealing with.

    It would be a good idea to let your team at the hospital know about your concerns. It’s much more likely that it’s not the cancer but they can decide whether they need to look more closely with a scan.

    Give them a call and talk things through, it’s also worth chasing up your surgery date if you haven’t already been given that. There are treatment time guidelines in place and although covid has had an impact on waiting times hospitals should be trying to fit you in as soon as they can.

    If you want to talk any of this through further and you feel up to it then give us a call on the support line.

    Best Wishes and take care,

    Fiona-Macmillan Information Nurse Specialist