HT (Prostap) not working from day 1 - metastatic prostate cancer

Hi, I'm about to complete my second 3 monthly cycle of prostap for prostate cancer. I'm changing to Zoladex because strangely prostap has not reduced testosterone level or PSA count. My consultant has no explanation to offer and has just suggested trying Zoladex instead. I can't find anything on web about prostap not working from day 1 but it does seem that Zoladex is much the same drug. Is there some better route I should be taking? I'm worried about getting worse whilst experimenting with HT.

  • Hi Matthew

    Thanks for joining the online community. My name is Lisa, I am one of the Information Nurse Specialists here.  I am sorry to hear that the Prostap injections have not reduced the levels of testosterone and PSA.

    There was a small study, attached here, that identified Zoladex and Prostap were relatively comparable, compared to Triptorelin, which was the most potent, achieving that lowest mean testosterone levels. 

    We do hear that some people respond to different treatments of the same type and even the different brands.  So I am wondering if the consultant is wanting to see if this is the case here.

    Prostate Cancer UK provide information on treatment options after first hormone therapy.  You my find this helpful to read through. 

    I would encourage you to have a further conversation with your consultant or cancer nurse specialist (CNS) if you have one.  It is important that you have an understanding of why treatment decisions are being made, and have the opportunity to ask more questions.

    If you have any further questions, please get back to us, or give us a call on the support line.

    All the best


    Macmillan Cancer Information Nurse Specialist