Hodgkin's lymphoma

Diagnosed in july t 2020 told by specialist at stage 2 so they said i would be watch and wait patient  not seen anyone since   is this normal  

Realise things difficult due to covid19 but should i have  started treatment by now 

  • Hello Poppies14,

    Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to our Online Community.

    The watch and wait option for people affected by Hodgkin Lymphoma can last for varying periods of time from person to person.

    As you know, the idea being that treatment is kept in reserve until it is needed.

    During this watch and wait period it is normal to be assessed by a specialist at regular intervals in follow-up appointments and this is usually every couple of months for the first year, then every 3 to 6 months if the lymphoma hasn’t got worse.

    We would suggest that you get in touch with the hospital to ask about a follow up appointment as you have not been reviewed since July 2020.

    If you don’t have a method to contact the hospital, then it may help to ask your GP if they can refer you back to the haematology team.

    I hope this information is helpful but please get back in touch if you have further questions. You can call the information nurses on the support line on 0808 808 0000. We’re here every day from 8am to 8pm.

    Best wishes,


    Cancer Information Nurse Specialist