Hi...I was diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer a few weeks ago. Today I had an appointment with oncologist.  I've been advised that I will be having Herceptin injections for a year...radiotherapy and Letrozole.  I would just like to know of anyone that has taken letrozole without any major side effects? 



  • Hi bahbah (Angela),

    Thanks for getting in touch. Worrying about what to possibly expect when starting new treatments is only natural to do.

    Most medications will come with a huge list of possible risk of side effects. Just reading the list can often be enough to put people off starting any new medications. Sometimes getting the chance to be able to speak or read about other people’s personal experience of treatments, can help you to be more prepared around what to possibly expect.

    On our online breast cancer forum and breast cancer now’s forum, there are several conversations that have been discussing letrozole. This may be a way for you to read, learn and ask others around their personal experience of letrozole. Many people find this kind of support invaluable at times like these.

    Breast cancer now also offer a volunteer service called “someone like me” where you can be matched up with someone in similar circumstances to have a more one to one discussion.

    In your area can also help you locate local support groups that may be running near you. There are many breast cancer support groups throughout the UK that offer local support for people affected by breast cancer. Many of these breast cancer groups also have closed Facebook groups that may be useful for you to check and see if any are running near you.

    Letrozole, like all hormone therapies used to treat breast cancer, can carry the risk of many possible side effects. It’s important to remember that you probably won't get every side effect listed, if any. For some people the effects are mild and for some they can be more intense. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict who will get what and to what extent. Reassuringly many people take letrozole for long periods of time without and major side effects that impact their day to day quality of life.

    If you develop any side effects or have any new symptoms it is important to report them to your breast care team as soon as possible. That way they can support and help to manage any side effects that you may have. Your team can also take time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have around starting treatment.

    If you have any further questions it may also be helpful to call one of our nurses directly. We are always happy to help and advise.

    Best wishes


    Macmillan Cancer Information Nurse Specilaist

    Audrey - Macmillan Cancer Information Nurse Specialist